Are you ready for the ultimate coding and design challenge? In celebration of our 5th anniversary, Cobo Academy Hong Kong is excited to host Cobo Challenge 2023, a thrilling challenge open to all students aged 6 - 17 (including non-Cobo students) who wish to showcase their creativity and skills in coding and design. You will have the chance to win big prizes including Apple Store Gift Cards, Cobo Academy vouchers and certificates! Don't miss this opportunity to join Cobo Challenge 2023 and have fun while learning!

Challenge Overview

Junior Challenge Senior Challenge
Age Group 6 - 10 11 - 17
Team Individual or team of up to 4 members
Area 3D Modelling Mobile App Development
Theme AutoPilot Adventure: Design a 3D model for self-driving vehicle of tomorrow Smartify: Create an AI-powered App for a smarter world
Platform Any 3D modelling platform Any coding platform/language
Submission Materials 1. Your 3D Model: Neutral file format - OBJ, JT, STP, STL, FBX, DXF, DAE, GLTF(GLB) or share link
2. Pitch deck: 5 slides max (PDF or PPTX)
1. Your App: APK, IPA, XAP or APPX with source code (if available)
2. Pitch deck: 10 slides max (PDF or PPTX)


Date Event / Activity
Sep 30, 2023 Registration Deadline
Oct 7, 2023 Information Session (5-6pm) *
Nov 3, 2023 Submission Deadline *
Dec 1, 2023 Announcement of Winners

* Please refer to registration confirmation email for details.

Judging Criteria

Junior Challenge Senior Challenge
Design & Functionality
The precision of your 3D model in representing the engineering design, such as dimensions, materials, complexity, and level of detail of the model, as well as the quality of the textures, lighting, and other elements How well your App performs its intended tasks, the quality of its features, and its overall performance
Creativity & Originality
How unique and original your 3D model is, and how well it stands out from other models in the competition Your App’s overall look and feel, ease of use and how unique and original the it is, and how it stands out from other Apps in the market
Your 3D model's overall aesthetic appeal, as well as its ability to evoke emotion and engage the viewer How well your App design meets the needs and expectations of your intended audience including usability, aesthetics, accessibility and social value
Inspiration & Presentation
The quality of the presentation and your 3D model's ability to communicate its purpose and value effectively to the judges The quality of the presentation and your App's ability to communicate its purpose and value proposition effectively to the judges


Junior Challenge Senior Challenge
1st Place Apple Store Gift Card HKD1,500
Cobo Academy HKD1,500 voucher
2nd Place Apple Store Gift Card HKD1,000
Cobo Academy HKD1,000 voucher
3rd Place Apple Store Gift Card HKD500
Cobo Academy HKD500 voucher
Social Bee Award Apple Store Gift Card HKD500
Cobo Academy HKD500 voucher

All winners will receive a signed certificate.



Q: How do I register for the challenge?

A: All participants must register before registration deadline.

Q: How do I register as a team?

A: You can enter the challenge individually or form a team of up to 4 members. Each member must register separately before registration deadline.

Q: How do confirm that I am registered?

A: You will receive an email confirmation upon successful registration. Be sure to also check your spam folder.

Q: How do I change or update any information after registration?

A: Please email us at

Q: I don’t have any 3D modelling or coding background. Can I still sign up for the challenge?

A: Yes, you can still sign up! Participants with or without coding or 3D modelling knowledge are encouraged to sign up. We will host an information session for all registered participants to introduce the basics of 3D Modelling and Mobile App Development. Details of the information session will be communicated through our registration confirmation email.


Q: Where can I submit my project?

A: Once registered, all participants will receive a confirmation email with the project submission form. Multiple submissions are not encouraged.

Q: What are the materials needed to be submitted?

A: Please Refer to the challenge overview table for details.

Got further questions? Please email us at!

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